We help people break barriers and find more meaning in their worklife

Boost by making development
a personal and ongoing learning experience.

Boost motivation, performance and engagement by making development a personal and ongoing learning experience.

23% feel burned out often or always

Almost 1 in 4 feel burned out often or always because of work. By the year 2020 stress-related health issues will be the world's second largest health burden.

12% apply learning from training

Structured training programs are the preferred corporate learning method today. However research shows only 12% apply what they learn.

26% achieve their full potential at work

Career strategies and development plans come to short as only 26% believe they fulfill their full potential at work. 74% have more to give.


Based on personal drivers and focus areas, Mindcap empowers employees to add more meaning to their work.

A PERSONAL approach

SHARED responsibility

INTEGRATED in everyday life

We help people thrive and grow

Mindcap helps people develop new mindsets and skills through personal learning journeys.


Data is our compass. We turn user input, behaviour and hard data into actionable knowledge.


Micro-learning is intelligently pushed to empower employees and leaders to become the change.


Personal learning journeys and feedback loops ensure insight and action turn into behavioural change.

Web, App, Everywhere.

We empower the whole organisation 24/7 from the individual employee to the strategic masterminds. These are the features of our platform:

Personal profile

  • Individual benchmark
  • Drivers and Focusareas
  • 100 % anonymous
  • Manage data rights

MC Surveys

  • Adaptive & relevant surveys
  • Individual programs
  • Feedback loops
  • Create your own


  • Personal dashboard
  • Team Dashboards
  • Organizational view
  • Cross segment analytics


  • Personalized suggestions
  • Personal and Team-courses
  • Support, nudging and follow-up.
  • Focus on behavioural change.


  • 10 level onboarding
  • Multiple survey types
  • Rewards and Microcharity
  • Engaging user journey

Our AI

  • Only works with honest answers
  • Customizes surveys and topic
  • Customizes frequency and type
  • Maximize personal engagement


  • HRM/ERP Systems
  • Project Management tools
  • LMS/Engagement platforms
  • Wearables


  • Matchmaking with collegues
  • Sparring on learning journeys
  • Intensive knowledge sharing.
  • Coming soon.

Upcoming features


We combine well-being and development because thriving is the foundation for performance.

Aligning who you are as a human with who you are as a professional

To grow professionally you need to thrive personally

  • We listen carefully to each individual.
  • We expand self awareness through ongoing insights.
  • Personal insights are turned into actionable suggestions.
  • Employees and managers embark on personal or team based learning journeys to transform insights into behavioral change.

Self-leadership through shared responsibility

Our philosophy is to share responsibility between leaders and employees, where everyone has the power to act. We empower people to take ownership of their own well-being and growth potential through transparency and data-driven decision making. 

A bottom-up approach on people development

We believe that change and culture is a product of the biggest stakeholders of any company: Their Employees.

It’s time to stop thinking that we can create culture and well-being from a management level and half-day (executive) workshops alone. We need to start to add a more human approach to people development and create more meaning for each individual.

Because meaning makes perfect sense

Also financially. Its a 4 x win. This is what our science and results show.

93% more

is what happens when employees experience a high degree of meaning in their work-life design.

+ $9061 per employee/year

Is what Harward claims companies earn extra by creating meaning for their employees.

Culture and ownership

This is all on us. You get an open and honest culture where personal leadership is encouraged.

7.4 months

is how much longer employees that experience meaning stay in their current jobs.

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